Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Where's Bob?

To Print This Chart:
  • click on the picture (it will open full-size in a new window)
  • click on the printer icon or File>Print or right click and choose "Print picture..."
  • changing the orientation from "portrait" to "landscape" will make it much easier to read (and write on) once you have it printed out.
I meant to do an actual pattern with this chart ... thinking an hot water bottle cover would keep it in the simple range (and thinking it would be fun to have Bob warming your feet) for anyone who wanted to try it ... but have been distracted by life in general, so here is the chart for anyone who wants to incorporate it into any design/pattern they come up with.

Enjoy :)


fleegle said...

No, I have never knit a kimono--I actually don't think it would work well--they are very large!

Jessica said...

Thanks for the chart! I saw your project on Ravelry and as an owner of a boston terrier, it's a must knit :) Thanks again, it's SO cute!

Ina said...

Thanks for the fun chart and explanation of the process to produce it!